cold inlets
ham from d.o. teruel                               14.90/7,90€
              crunchy toast of chapata bread with pesto sauce, sundried tomatoes and parmesano cheese
              boiled leek and anchovy with chopped hard-boiled eggs and croutons
              seasoned with a mild vinaigrette of dijon mustard and sherry vinegar

ham, mozarella and basil toast____________________4,50€
meat with añon caramel and bread ________________4,50€

warm inletsç
grillet gost cheese on toast_____________________4,50€
ukranian sausage with sauerkraut___________4,50€

spinach and feta pie                               ________________   4,50€
              filo pie stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, fresh dill
artichoke with amond sauce________________7,20€
grilled shellfish crust_________________________7,50€
avocado with cabrales cheese and herring spawn            6,00/11,00€
              blue cheese from asturias and herring spawn over red onions and apple
              accompanied with avocado and seasoned with olive oil, lemon and parsley
pear and roquefort cheese with honey sauce                       5,50/10,00€
              sliced pear and blue cheese over a special kind of lettuce, cherry tomatoes
              and sweet and sour red cabbage, all seasoned with honey vinaigrette
thai roast beef salad                                       6,00/11,00€
              thin slices of roast beef accompanied of salad, soy sprouts and
              red pepper with thai vinaigrette: soy sauce, sesame oil ...
tabbuleh                                                         5,00/900€
              cous-cous macerated with tomato and lemon, seasoned with
            tender onion, tomato, red and green peppers, parsley and mint
carpaccio of prawns and soused octopus                       12,80€
            thin slices of prawn with minced vegetables and soused octupus
swordfish ceviche                           12,20€
          raw fish and diced tomatos, marinated in mustard, chives and lemon
salmon tartar                                                             11,90€
tartar tuna_____________________________________12,50€
carpaccio octopus_______________________________12,40€
carpaccio salmon_______________________________11,00€
salmon with nori, pure and wasabi________________11,50€
aswordfish with salsa salvia______________________10,80€
cod with sous pesto red___________________________11,10€

rosbif tailand______________________________________11,50€
duck with mermelad apple , and pure_________________10,50€
sirloin carpaccio with cheese parmesano and rucola____11,00€
sirloin carpaccio with pears y prunes                      _____ 11,50€
            thin slices of sirloin over mustard sauce with mixed herbs and syrupy pears and prunes
steer cheek with guiness beer                                           12,50€
crispy aromatic chicken in sauce of peppers and handle           9,50€
            crispy aromatic breast of chicken varnished with honey to the oven

            accompanied of sauce of red pepper and mango
lam with cous cous and sous tomato and piñones___________13,50€

pasta with swordfish and lemon                                   9,50€

          tagliatelle with swordfish, lemon, thyme, olive oil, garlic and cayenne pepper
pasta with caper, garlic, basil, crispy toasts 
and parmesan cheese shavings   ______________             9,00€
pasta with dry tomatoes, black olives, parmesan
 cheese shavings and  basil __________________________9,00€
pasta for childrens__________________________________6,50€ 

cheese cake________________________4,50€
un, dos, tres,... shiraz                                     4,50€
               one: cream of yogurt, two: pistachios, three: orange blossom honey
brownie                                                 5,00€
              chocolate and walnut brownie over custard with caramel glasses
white chocolate construction                           4,50€
               biscuits with coffee and white chocolate cream
poppy ice cream___________________4,50€
                   (tax included)